20 reasons why unattractive men have girlfriends

Perhaps you’ve seen this before, where a gorgeous woman is locking arms with a seemingly average (or below average) looks. Guys wonder how the heck he pulled it off, usually settling on a big salary. But what’s the real secret? Japanese women give a little insight.

  1. Is naturally good at being thoughtful of others
  2. Hygienic
  3. Good listener
  4. No prejudices against anyone
  5. Seems intelligent
  6. Good conversationalist
  7. Is decisive and reliable
  8. Serious about his work & takes responsibility
  9. He’s modest and others trust him
  10. Good at managing his finances
  11. Positive and easy-going
  12. Puts others first
  13. Clean and proper vocabulary
  14. Neat eater
  15. Fashion sense is superb
  16. Tight body
  17. Gets along well with his family
  18. Good at house chores
  19. Great memory, remembers past conversations
  20. Always answers his messages
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