Women agree that a man picking up a bag off the ground is perverted

A recent television program in Japan revealed which actions women consider perverted on trains. Men were asked which actions they are careful about, and women were asked to vote if it was perverted or not.

As a man, what are you careful about on trains that might be mistaken as a perverted act?

  1. Picking up my bag from off the floor
  2. Switching hands when holding a bag
  3. When the train shakes and my leg ends up between theirs

The women were shown video clips of what the men were talking about, and here are their reactions:

"It was perverted how he picked it up in a licking motion"
“It was perverted how he picked it up in a licking motion”

In response, 10 women were asked what they thought. It turned out that 4 out of 10 women agreed that a man picking up their bag from the floor looked perverted.

OUT: 4, SAFE: 6
OUT: 4, SAFE: 6

I honestly don’t understand the “licking motion” of picking up a bag, I think she might be the most perverted of them all.

Reactions Online:

“Explanation please”

“I have no idea what they’re talking about”

“I’m shocked that they were able to round up this many weirdos”

“Don’t worry, you lot are safe lol”

“These women are delusional”

“I’m a pervert if I pick up my bag, pervert if I hold it, nuisance if I shoulder it… Are they asking me to put it on my head?”

“Backpacks FTW”

“I can’t even switch hands? (´・ω・`)”

“WTF does she mean licking motion when picking up a bag??”

“I wish they’d segregate the trains by gender. I don’t want to be labeled a pervert for no damn reason”

“Soon we’ll be called perverts for breathing”

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