Former pro baseball player arrested for trying to steal lingerie with a fishing rod

Tokyo, Japan: a man has been arrested for trying to steal women’s undergarments by using a fishing rod, with the man being identified as 37 year-old former professional baseball player Yukihito Nakanishi. He has been charged with attempted larceny.

Hirohito Nakanishi
Yes ladies, even this guy can have a creepy side.

According to the arrest report, the incident took place on January 28 at around 8:10 AM.

From his second-story balcony, he extended a fishing rod over to his neighbor’s balcony (who is in her 50s), in an attempt to steal her undergarment that she had hung out to dry. There was no fishing line or hook on the rod, and it’s believed that he was trying to latch the pole onto the undergarment.

The perpetrator claimed “I was just extending my rod.” Yukihito Nakanishi was the 7th draft pick for Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in 1995. He was designated for assignment and left the team in 2000.

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In her 50s…

He extended his rod, huh?

I seriously think he was just doing some maintenance on it

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