20 reasons why handsome men don’t have girlfriends

Even physical attractiveness has its limits if the guy in question is, well, questionable. Here are the top reasons Japanese women gave that make them say “no way.”

  1. Insensitive and keeps saying mean things
  2. Doesn’t brush their teeth, doesn’t bathe — unhygienic
  3. Narcissist
  4. Too loose with money
  5. Lacks common sense
  6. Changes attitude depending on who they’re talking to
  7. Doesn’t listen
  8. Eats sloppily
  9. Looks down on women and children
  10. Full of himself, rates himself too highly
  11. Not an ounce of intelligence
  12. Goes on and on about his boring conquests
  13. Vocabulary is trashy
  14. He has let his body go
  15. Boring conversationalist
  16. Fashion sense is really lame
  17. Has no stamina, gets tired too quickly
  18. Awful memory, can’t remember past conversations
  19. Messages are littered with emoji
  20. Says emo things like “I’m good looking but I’m empty inside…”
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