This is what the ladies notice first about your fashion sense

A Japanese men’s fashion magazine has polled women to find out just what qualities women notice first about a fashionable man.

“We track what real girls look for with the accuracy of a laser pointer! Girls are looking at “this” when she sees a fashionable guy!”

Is it his hat, shoes, accessories or something else? Drumroll please…

The first thing she sees is… THE FACE

That’s right, girls first notice the face, even when the question specifically asked about clothing. The girls commented to say:

We have to make eye contact when talking, so I naturally look at the face.

I check his face and hairstyle at the same time ♪

Clothes are important, but the face is what really counts (lol)

So if you’re an average man looking to catch the eyes of chic girls, just give up now and start saving for plastic surgery. Here are reactions online:

So yeah, clothes don’t mean a damn thing.

What means clothes?

Don’t they realize the ridiculousness while writing this article?

* Must be handsome.

So the face is men’s clothing (^_^;)

Oh great, I guess I don’t have to care about what I wear then. Good, good.

Are the writers idiots?


So instead of spending money on clothes, it’s better to spend it on your face

I’m ugly and I wear anything, I’m the true winner!

>> Wipe your tears man


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