Cat-hating man divorces wife when surprised with 550 cats

What would you do if your significant other brought home a pet unannounced? What if you didn’t like the kind of pet in the first place? How about 550 of them?

Seemingly out of a fairytale, the couple’s love (and patience) was tested last week when a wife brought 550 cats into their home. The husband, who dislikes cats, tried to adjust but had troubles doing the simplest of things. Attempts at sleep proved difficult as the bed was covered by cats that believed that they deserved better than the floor, blocked his pathway to the bathroom, and had his food stolen the moment he set the plate down on the table.

The husband tried to reconcile in court, but the wife chose the cats over her husband. It is still unclear if this was an outlandish plot by the wife to rid of her cat-hating husband.


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