KaraOK! Mute Mic let’s you practice singing at home, paper bag not included

If you love to sing but don’t get invited to go to karaoke often, KaraOK! Mute Mic has come to the rescue! Simply plug the mic into your iPhone/iPad, attach the cup, and launch a karaoke app. Wait, a cup? That’s right — the ugly muzzle above firmly grips your cheeks to mute your voice so that you can sing even if you live in an apartment with paper-thin walls.

The privilege for solitary 24/7 singing is 3,980 yen, or just over $50 USD. Sure, it’s a lot cheaper than going to karaoke alone, but I can’t help but feel that this is not an activity I would share on any social network.

KaraOK! Mute Mic

[Rocket News 24]

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