Kirin’s Frozen Draft Beer to chill the oncoming summer

Kirin Brewery Company, Japan’s oldest beer brand and maker of the country’s top two best-selling beers, has released what they call Kirin Frozen Draft. The chilled beer is topped off with foam that’s kept below freezing, and works as a lid to keep the beer cool for up to 30 minutes. With the foam so cold, it takes on a more solid form, resembling soft-serve ice cream since it can be formed and has a shaved ice sensation.

Kirin Frozen Draft Beer

A special device is required to make this, so Kirin has gone ahead and opened several beer gardens that serve it. For those who don’t live nearby can collect points on Kirin products and have a DIY version of it to make at home.

With summer in hot pursuit, it might become a popular drink, as Japan suffers from severe, often fatal heatwaves. Will they make Kirin Hot Cocoa Draft for the winter season?

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