Japanese women speak out, tear men to shreds

A magazine article asked Japanese women what they really thought about men and their attitudes, and they were devastatingly frank:

  • Don’t get ahead of yourself, consider yourself lucky that you can even talk to a girl!
  • Stop with the casual touching, seriously
  • Are you really going to try to impress me with stories about your past relationships? Seriously, it’s boring
  • I’m being nice with the empty compliments, can you stop getting so cocky?
  • I chose the location so you pay for everything
  • Makeup, hair and clothes cost money, you know
  • I’m not going to pay anything if you’re the type of scum to try to split the bill!
  • I’m letting you drink with me
  • You can mention money after you look at yourself in the mirror
  • There are so many men who misunderstand the situation
  • Do you have any use other than your wallet?

Of course, Japanese men had something to get off their chest as well, though it’s questionable if they are able to say it directly:

  • “Egocentric”
  • “All but the makeup bit is a boomerang”
  • “This is probably just what the writer thought”
  • “Confirmed, 3D girls are no good”
  • “I want to die”
  • “This pops up all the time, it’s probably written by some middle-aged man”
  • “This isn’t about us, is it? Those who can talk about their past relationships are more the athletic type. But those athletic types are the popular ones”
  • “When they hit their late 20s, they’ll start to sweat it and come for us, so leave them alone”
  • “If you think all women are like this, you will not be popular with women”
  • “Someone make a mens version”


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