22% of Japanese men have had disastrous dates: “Three hours late” “Movie had a sex scene” “Lost wallet”

Q: Have you ever made a disastrous mistake on a date?

Yes: 22.5%
No: 77.5%

Q: (To those who answered “Yes”) What kind of mistake did you make, and what was the result?

Beware of oversleeping and tardiness!!

  • “I was 30 minutes late and she got pissed. We never made up.” (31 years-old)
  • “I was late, she scolded me and went home” (28)
  • “I went to the wrong place, date was cancelled” (47)
  • “I forgot my cellphone so I couldn’t get in touch to coordinate on where to meet, she was angry for the rest of the day and it made my life hell” (33)
  • “Three hours late to our first date… She dumped me a few weeks later” (26)

Date, ruined

  • “I didn’t do my research ahead of time, so the shop was closed when we got there” (31)
  • “Went to the planetarium at the wrong time, couldn’t get in” (61)
  • “I made a mistake when McClung a reservation at a restaurant, so we couldn’t get in… It was awkward, but she liked the other restaurant we went to, so it ended up okay” (41)

Bad choices

  • “I suggested McDonald’s for lunch and she started crying… I guess a restaurant or cafe is more accepted on dates” (29)
  • “Watched a movie together, and even though it was American, it didn’t have a happy ending. It was awkward when we got out” (47)
  • “First date, the movie had a sex scene” (31)

Darned weather!

  • “We went to look for a newly opened park and we got lost, ended up covered in sweat” (48)
  • “Went to see some fireworks, but heavy rain drenched us… I haven’t heard from her since” (26)
  • “Pouring rain, cancelled all reservations” (29)

Unexpected disasters

  • “Lost my wallet with $1000 in it at Tokyo Disney Land… Had to report to the cops, borrowed some money from her, extremely awkward” (52)
  • “While driving, I accidentally drove over and got stuck on a curb… Called roadside assistance” (41)
  • “I needed to poop” (44)

Conversation follies

  • “I couldn’t keep the conversation going, faded out” (28)
  • “I was too nervous to talk, didn’t end well” (34)
  • “I asked her the same thing twice” (35)


The most common mistakes were tardiness and oversleeping. Getting scolded, leaving the date, getting in a fight… these scenarios are common, and one man was even dumped for being three hours late. There was a rare case of a woman waiting two hours, but more than half of the women were not tolerant to tardiness.

Second most common mistake was not knowing the schedule of the destination, be it a restaurant or shop. Be sure to look up the shop’s hours of operation, or you’ll regret it. Even if open, some men just chose poorly be it a movie or the establishment, which might create uneasiness.

Even if a shop is closed, as long as you two have a good conversation, she should he satisfied. Brush up on your conversational skills, double check the hours, be yourself, and enjoy your date!

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