7 things that men do on a date that give away their ulterior motives

Perhaps a friend introduced you to a nice guy and you’re on your first date, but you start thinking… “is he in this for my body?” Here are seven signs that may point to YES, according to Japanese women:

  1. He keeps reminding me how he loves kids
  2. I catch him looking at my chest or body
  3. He only compliments my looks
  4. He keeps wanting to go somewhere private
  5. He keeps offering me more drinks
  6. He actively tries to make me miss the last train home
  7. He asks to use the bathroom when he drops me off at home

Japanese men reasoned online:

The world revolves around sex!

Why would I go on a date without motives? I’d rather go have dinner with guy friends if I want to have fun!

× Man with Obvious Ulterior Motives→○ Obviously Over Self-Conscious Woman

Has anyone ever married anyone if they weren’t interested in the sex?

What’s there to give away? They’re being obvious on purpose


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