Bandai shows off Master Grade Gundam 3.0, and it’s amazing

You might be thinking, “RX-78-2 again?”, but hold on. Maybe you’d like to see another Mobile Suit receive the Master Grade treatment, but the RX-78-2 is Bandai’s test bed Mobile Suit to try new technologies, and boy did they deliver!

The new generation of Master Grade kits seem to be larger scale versions of the successful Real Grade kits. RG debuted in 2010 as premium 1/144 scale kits, complete with an inner frame and improved articulation previously only possible on the bigger MG 1/100 kits. With the lessons learned making RG kits, Gundam 3.0 will feature finer details, further improvements to articulation, and I’m guessing a much more fun build. Oh, and it’s much bigger.

Unfortunately, the best things about the Gundam 3.0 update, like extra weapons, slide on decals, and the LED light for its eyes, are sold separately. Costing 4,500 yen (~$44) without the extras, perhaps it’s a necessary evil to keep costs manageable. It’s not realistic to think that every Gunpla fan is willing to apply slide on decals; might as well scrap them if they’ll go unused.

Arriving this August, it’s not a kit for anime faithfuls (just take a look at MG 2.0), but a worthy addition for fans of the modern look reminiscent of the panel-line-heavy 1/1 scale Gundam statue.


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