Celebrate 40 years of curry ramen with kettle-equipped Gundam kits

Nissin, the creator of the world-famous Cup Noodle, is celebrating its 40th anniversary of one of their best selling flavors: curry.

It’s a mystery as to why this collaboration is happening in the first place, since the product launched six years before Gundam aired (and another year before the kits went on sale). But nonetheless it’s happening, and who doesn’t want a limited edition Gundam model kit?

The limited-edition set includes three kits: the original Curry flavor for the RX-78-2 Gundam, Red Curry for Char’s Custom Gelgoog, and Green Curry for Zaku II. All three translucent, 1/380 models will be equipped with a golden kettle.


The bad news? It’s already sold out. This was an online-only special event, and they sold out in a couple days. To add salt to injury, each set comes with a special entry form, where 1,000 even luckier people can win a 1/100 scale Curry Gundam, pictured below:


Not to sound bitter, but I’d rather have the Gundam 3.0 Master Grade kit anyway! … (´・ω・`)


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