Gaijin in Japan answer: “What did you like about dating a Japanese person?”

Many gaijin (literally foreigner) plan a visit to Japan to experience its deep culture, dine on delicious food, or envelop themselves with popular exports (like anime or games). Once there some decide to stay a little longer, and maybe even fall in love. Liking a country on paper is one thing, but how do gaijin feel about the people once they’ve got to know them on a personal level?

I learned a lot about Japan

  • I got to learn a lot about Japan, more than ever before (Egypt/Male/late 40s)
  • My Japanese improved, and I can now better understand Japanese people (Nepal/Male/early 40s)
  • I got to learn about a lot about Japan, and in a deeper way. My Japanese is much better, and I can even speak a little in Kansai dialect now (Germany/Male/late 30s)

The easiest way to learn a new language is to have a romantic partner of that nationality. Perhaps it’s two birds with one stone (?), as you can also learn the culture and its customs.

Impressed by the Japanese

  • They’re always on top of things (Morocco/Male/late 40s)
  • Always on time (Korean/Female/late 30s)

Japanese are a serious bunch, so the accompanying personality traits are praised here.

They are kind and thoughtful of others

  • Japanese women are very thoughtful toward their boyfriends (America/Male/early 30s)
  • They’re very kind, thoughtful and takes care of me (France/Female/late 20s)
  • They think of their partner’s feelings first to avoid unnecessary conflict. I think this thoughtfulness should be praised (Italian/Male/early 30s)

Thoughtful and kind people seem universally attractive.

There are other charms, too

  • They don’t fart much (American/Female/late 20s)
  • They’re cuter than they are prettier, which is how I prefer, and they are quiet in bed but are very sexy (England/Male/early 20s)
  • They respect men, are always trying to make their man feel better, take care of their family, can cook dishes from around the world, and are very family oriented (Mali/Male/early 30s)

I couldn’t help but to laugh when I read “they don’t fart much.” Do men from other countries regularly pass gas in front of their partners? On the flip side, I suppose it requires more trust and comfort to do such a thing…

Above were a few examples of what foreigners find attractive about dating Japanese people. Being on time seems like a basic rule to us, but it seems that it’s a positive trait from a foreigner’s perspective.

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