Japan Polled: Women asked, “What makes the ideal man?”

It seems that women complain that there are no good men as soon as a man walks out of a room. According to a poll of 1,083 women, what qualities does the ideal man have?

  1. He’s thoughtful and can put himself in the other’s shoes and act accordingly
  2. A good listener, easy to talk to
  3. He’s honest with his feelings and can sincerely say “thank you” and “I’m sorry”
  4. He’s observant of his surroundings; he will back off or keep pushing where appropriate
  5. Kind and gentle personality
  6. He’s capable of doing good work
  7. He’s financially independent
  8. Is tolerant and doesn’t let little things get to him
  9. Thoughtful about his family and friends
  10. He’s got a good foundation and always keeps his cool

Meanwhile, another opinion has made its rounds on Twitter in Japan, garnering much attention:
The Ideal Man

The Ideal Boyfriend

  • Has money
  • Doesn’t talk out of turn
  • Always on time
  • Isn’t violent
  • Doesn’t work on weekends
  • Warm to the touch
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