Japanese college girls play Would You Rather, defines what make men attractive

College is an interesting time, when you’re first away from your parents yet still relying on their money. The typical values that women cherish like “is a hard worker,” “likes children,” or “helps out around the house” are out the window, instead focusing on how he looks or handles himself on dates.

200 college women were polled for some insightful results:

Goes with the flow (151) vs. Prudent (49)
Big brother-like (176) vs. Little brother-like (24)
Lively and exciting (139) vs. Sensitive and delicate (61)
Athletic (136) vs. Intellectual (64)
Outdoorsman (130) vs. Indoorsman (70)
Macho (115) vs. Slender (85)
Plans dates (151)
vs. Lets me plan dates (49)

Quiet, intellectual, slender, indoor-loving herbivorous men are in the most unpopular subset, unsurprising as it describes the typical otaku. However, these introverts have the potential to be golden eggs once they land a job as an engineer, bringing home the big bucks — a fact that many will learn a few years down the road.

Before that can happen, there’s the college love life! A poll asked and compared genders to see how many people they dated during their dorm life:

[table id=1 /]

Evident here that many stick with one partner, while 40.5% of men and 29.5% of women graduate without the luxury to consider another mate. Carpe diem!


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