Japanese man test drives a Lexus, found and arrested 112 miles away: “I wanted to see my grandma”

An unemployed 25 year-old man has been arrested for suspicion of theft for test driving a car and not returning it.

Accordingly to the police, the perpetrator visited a Lexus dealer on 5/14 and filled out the necessary paperwork to purchase a car, a brand new Lexus valued at 7,900,000 yen (~$77,000). Requesting to test drive, he was handed the keys and told the dealer “I’ll be back in 30 minutes.” After two hours, the dealer called police to investigate.

Using the car’s anti-theft feature, the police were able to locate the missing vehicle 180km (~112 miles) away, in a supermarket parking lot, where he was arrested.

After some questioning, he confessed “I wanted to see my grandmother, but I didn’t have any money.”

Let him go!

What an idiot

Hmm, you could do this if the destination was local

He couldn’t guess what’d happen? He’s 25!

Wow, there are people this dumb? Of course they can track you down

Movie Adaptation Confirmed

The car salesman doesn’t ride in the passenger seat, huh

Salesman usually ride with you
Letting the customer go on their own, that’s just bad damage control

I guess they don’t expect any petty crime like this from their clientele, it is Lexus

Even jobless 25 year-olds can test drive a Lexus nowadays

This method could work for running errands, huh?

This is the thought process of the new generation

I don’t have money (´・ω・`)  →  I know, I’ll go to Lexus! (゚∀゚)
What the hell?

GPS is standard now, right?

This is like getting full on food samples at the grocery store

I’m sure the car salesman didn’t see this coming w

I can’t hate him.

The sky must have been beautiful that day
Some days you just want to steal a car and go on a drive

They should do an intelligence test first
He must have been a little special

You think your grandma would be happy to see you in a stolen car!?

Makes me laugh thinking that he was trying to escape while looking at his GPS

Rent a car wwww How stupid are you www

He must have lied that he bought a Lexus
They don’t have Lexus as rentals, this was his only choice

Grandma doesn’t want to see you,  Unemployed (25)

I’m glad that he got to let her know that he’s doing fine on the news


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