Japanese men questioned: “What do you still not know about your girlfriend?”

Some questions are hard to ask, too late to ask, or shouldn’t be asked. Here are the top questions that Japanese men ponder but are clueless about:

  1. Number of ex-boyfriends (780 votes)
  2. Does she actually like me? (512 votes)
  3. Weight (331 votes)
  4. Cup size (254 votes)
  5. Face without makeup (223 votes)
  6. Her friends (196 votes)
  7. Her cooking skills (144 votes)
  8. Where she lives (124 votes)
  9. Her social network accounts (78 votes)
  10. Hobbies (51 votes)
  11. Her real age (tie: 47 votes)
  12. Existence of family (tie: 47 votes)
  13. Real name (42 votes)
  14. Education (34 votes)
  15. Email address (32 votes)
  16. Nationality (24 votes)
  17. Birthday (tie: 20 votes)
  18. Phone number (tie: 20 votes)
  19. Blood type (17 votes)
  20. Work history (14 votes)

It’s not certain if some of these answers are prioritized by the men, as some might want to know about his girlfriend’s cup size more than blood type.

Men seem to be dying to know how well she cooks, an interesting thing to have on your mind. It has become a running joke in anime for the beautiful love interest to be a terrible chef, so perhaps these boyfriends are preparing for the worst, only to put on a happy face like a good protagonist.

Lower in the list, there are some worrying answers, like name and nationality. These questions are definitely not easy to ask after a few dates, and trying to casually get these facts out of a person can be tricky. Any Seinfeld fans out there?

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  1. “Japanese men…” and yet you used Jacky Chan’s picture, Why, わ-か-ら-な-い. I hope you do realize Mr. Chan is not Japanese to begin with.


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