Japanese men share: “What’s your favorite imaginary girlfriend moment?”

In recent years the term fujoshi (腐女子, literally rotten girl; a pun on the term 婦女子, which means woman or child) has become popularized in the media for their unique hobbies and interests, such as boys love manga.

The media have highlighted the fujoshi’s impressive imaginations, but men are not to be outdone. Men on a dry spell, or those who have never pursued a romantic relationship, have created intricate scenarios about their mousou kanojyo (imaginary girlfriend).

Here are the top situations that men fantasize about:

  1. She’s standing in the kitchen with an apron on
  2. She turns red when I hold her hand
  3. When we’re sleeping together, she hugs be from behind
  4. During a date, she shyly takes my hand
  5. She kisses me when I leave the house
  6. She checks my temperature by touching foreheads
  7. When things are tough, she wraps her arms around my head
  8. She wakes me up with a kiss
  9. She sticks her hand in my pockets when it’s cold out
  10. She kisses me on the cheek
  11. She suddenly locks arms with me on a date
  12. With my head on her knees as a pillow, she cleans my ears
  13. She asks “Do you want to eat or bathe first?” when I get home
  14. She massages me when I’m tired
  15. She wakes before me to make breakfast, and wakes me gently
  16. She rubs me like a loving cat when drunk
  17. She says “Get it together!” and fixes my tie
  18. When sick with a cold, she watches over me all night, and is asleep next to me in the morning
  19. When I come home late, she stayed up for me
  20. She gets jealous when I talk to another girl
  21. She calls to say “I just wanted to hear your voice”
  22. She depends on me for even the littlest things, like opening bottle caps
  23. She wears my shirts
  24. She spoon feeds me
  25. She makes dinner and waits until I get home to eat
  26. She asks me to carry her in my arms
  27. She surprises me with a birthday party for the two of us
  28. She says “teehee” and sticks out her tongue when laughing
  29. She grabs onto my shirt and follows me around
  30. When hanging up, she says “I want to see you soon”
  31. When I’m doing something (like playing a game), she asks for attention
  32. When she sees me at the meeting spot, she runs towards me and then hugs me
  33. We walk together with interlinked pinky fingers
  34. She comes to meet me at the train station when coming back from a business trip
  35. She smells my body when we’re relaxing together
  36. She readies a cold drink for me when I get out of the bath
  37. She gives me a private fashion show
  38. She orders my favorite foods and drinks when we go out to eat
  39. She notices and removes any rice on my face
  40. She starts crying if I don’t pay attention to ger for even a little bit
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