Japanese women answer: “What do you want to hear after your first date?

Sometimes the closing conversation leading to the next date is as important as the date itself. If things went well, this is what Japanese women like to hear before going home:

  1. Where do you want to go next time?
  2. Being with you is really fun. I want to see you again!
  3. There’s one more place I’m curious about, want to go together some time?
  4. We couldn’t talk much today, let’s talk more next time!
  5. Let’s go on another date!
  6. I heard about this popular place, want to go together?
  7. I know a good restaurant, want to go? My treat!
  8. I’ll find another good restaurant!
  9. I have two tickets for a concert/show, would you like to come?
  10. There’s this place (dessert shop, cafe) I want to go, but it’s hard going alone as a guy. Can you come with me?
  11. (At a restaurant with a large menu selection) Let’s try another dish when we come next time!
  12. Since you like (girl’s favorite dish), I know a good place. Let’s go some time!
  13. I’m not good at shopping for clothes/gifts. Can you go shopping with me?
  14. Let me know what you want to eat next time!
  15. Tell me where you recommend for next time!

Be careful not to mix number 1 with 15, as they sound similar. While one suggests a more casual outing based on curiosity, the other puts pressure on your lady friend to impress.

Getting that second date is important, but you can’t rest just yet. A study has theorized that we like to follow the Three Set Rule (source, Japanese): the first date decides the first impression of the person, the second date validates the assumption, and the third date once again confirms if the first two observations were accurate. Once the second date goes well, the chance of the two becoming a couple increases significantly.  So don’t let your guard down!

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