Japanese women confess: three unattractive things men do when texting

With our phones always by our side, texting has become an indispensable communication tool for the modern generation. It’s not uncommon to hear that a friend has confessed, or has been confessed, over text — a little impersonal seeming, but perhaps appropriate if they’re both text-heavy individuals. However, some actions are just so inappropriate that they break texting etiquette, and Japanese women have chosen the top thee.

He sends original poems

There was a troubled woman who had received love poems from her boyfriend. Her first reaction was “what is this??”, second time “Again!?”, and by the third time she was at loss for words. She was disgusted by the thought of him creating poems to express his love, and their relationship steadily faded out.

“There aren’t men like that around me,” you might say, but she wasn’t the only example. There were multiple stories of budding relationships that were strengthened by regular texting, but as the original poems started coming in and increasing in frequency, the women’s feelings toward their men started to cool down.

I asked if it was acceptable if the poems were pro-level creations, but every one of them said NO. “It seemed like he was writing these because he liked himself in love, not because he loved me,” so writing poems were linked to narcissism.

Women instead preferred short, straightforward messages instead, so it’s best to not send any poems even if it’s a hobby of yours.

Sentences are full of spelling and grammatical errors

Flip phone or smart phone, there are many men who send messages before proof checking. One typo can be perceived as a error made in haste, but two or more in one sentence can distort the intended message by bringing more attention to the mistakes.

“What if he’s the type of employee to make these kinds of mistakes for work emails?” and similar doubts can change how men are perceived, so be sure to check before hitting Send.

I haven’t replied, but he keeps messaging anyways

This was a characteristic historically tagged as a female habit, but recently men are exhibiting similar behavior. Working women see these messages as “annoying” or “heavy.” Those lacking imagination that she might be busy, or that she actually has other people that she has to communicate with, can lead to persistent messages demanding replies.

Lightheartedness and mistakes tread a thin line. Texting can be harder to convey a thought than in face to face, so take caution before hitting Send so that irreversible mistakes can be avoided.

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