Japanese women polled: “That’s when I knew he was into me!”

There are certain things that the opposite sex does or says that can trigger the thought that, just maybe, they might be into you. Here are the top 10 signals that Japanese women picked up on, which may be a good cheat sheet for shy gentlemen:

  1. He suddenly calls to say “I just wanted to hear your voice”
  2. He asked me to go out for a drink together, one-on-one
  3. He remembered my birthday and got me a present
  4. He started sitting next to me at gatherings
  5. He asked if I was free this weekend
  6. When leaving a gathering, he pulled me aside and said “Would you mind if we chat a little more?”
  7. He started texting me frequently
  8. He told me “I feel relaxed when I’m around you”
  9. When walking in a group, he always walks besides me
  10. When leaving, he asks if I’d like to leave together

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