Five games that will make you cry

A write has compiled a short list of games that are sure to make you cry, covering games as old as the first PlayStation. Interestingly enough, there were no Nintendo systems mentioned, further cementing the image that mature content is on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The story of this series can get intricate, but X excels in its easiness to understand. The protagonist’s complex relationship with his father and the touching yet cliched love that grows between the heroine can be a tearjerker as well.

Over My Dead Body (PS1, PSP)
Set in the Heian period, a curse has been put on you by a  demon that accelerates the aging of you and your future children. With each life lasting only a year or two, you must repeat the process of life and death to one day defeat the demon. The growth system of this RPG is simple, and the game isn’t dialogue heavy, but can definitely make you cry.

Trapped in an ancient castle, a boy must take hold of the hands of a girl that he can’t even communicate with to find a way out. This action adventure game will emotionally involve you, as you’ll feel that you must protect her. The touching ending of the two coming closer together in the ending is a must-see.

Steins;Gate (Xbox 360, iOS, other)
A sci-fi fantasy adventure game where the protagonist otaku creates a time machine in Akihabara. The latter half of the game starts to involve a fierce battle with an evil organization. You will surely cry seeing the heroic acts of the protagonist, and the tragic fate that awaits him.

This novel game starts during summer vacation for the school’s broadcasting club members. However, soon after every human on earth aside from the broadcasting club members disappear off the face of the earth. Dramatic conversations of human nature and relationships and the ending’s moving reconciliation will leave you crying.


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