Man arrested for poking a tomato at a supermarket

A supermarket in Shizuoka Prefecture has reported that their tomatoes on display were poked and crushed by a 52 year-old man, resulting in arrest for property damage.

According to the police, the incident took place on 5/11 around 10:25 am, where the man was found crushing a tomato (98 yen, or around 97 cents each) on display with his finger.

In April, this supermarket also had an instant ramen package opened with a finger. This month the tomato incidents began, and supermarket staff reported the perpetrator immediately upon catching him in the act.

Reactions online:

What a heinous crime!
These types should never be let outside.
He’s acting like a little kid!
Don’t cops have better things to do?
Farmers work hard for that, you know!
That’s one cheap tomato.


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