Man chronicles his daily Ramen Jiro cravings for two years, “I just want to keep eating forever!”

Ramen Jiro, a ramen chain that serves generous portions, has become a legend of sorts in Japan. With each bowl rumored to be well over 2,000 calories, it’s like the last boss to your ramen quest — and apparently the legendary warrior has finally shown himself.

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For the past two years, a man has been uploading photos of his daily ritual (link to blog), eating a bowl of Jiro ramen at one of their 38 restaurants. Sometimes he skips a day, but he has eaten two bowls a day a few times, as if to make up for it.

Below is a typical blog post, this one posted on 5/17:


Moriya, in Ibaraki Prefecture. Took the wrong bus route and arrived an hour behind schedule..

Upon arrival, six people were seated in the waiting area.

Three employees there tonight: the manager, a server with a mask on, and another server with his head shaved.

The masked server asked if I had my meal ticket, so I handed him my lime green ticket.

I was taken to the counter not long after.


The raw eggs came first.

Five minutes later, the shaved server asked, “thank you for waiting, would you like some garlic?” so I asked for some.


Big Ramen + Raw Eggs + Quail Eggs with Garlic: 950 yen

Itadakimasu (grace)!


The quail eggs were flavored, delicious. 5 of them.


Pork. Maybe it was because they were closing soon, but they gave me lots of it. Thank you.

Every bite was very soft, especially the edges where the fat is, the sweetness of it was spectacular.


The noodles. A little on the soft side, and how its flavoring with the soy sauce was fantastic. Great to look at, and amazing to eat.
I just want to keep eating these noodles forever.


These types of noodles go well with raw eggs. It’s soooooooooooo good!


The soup. Full of umami, soy sauce, fat, sweetness… a perfect balance. Simply put, it’s the soup of the gods!


All gone. Thank you for the meal.
A quiet neighborhood with a delicious Ramen Jiro. I’m jealous of the Misono district residents. With that in mind, I headed back home.


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