Mayonnaise pizza flavored yakisoba brings the world together a little bit closer

Japanese pizza are a little different from Italian or American varieties, some including some exotic ingredients like squid ink, tuna, or chunks of steak. A popular topping is mayonnaise (a sauce that originated in Spain), where it’s added generously on popular flavors like tuna mayo or corn mayo.

This is the “Chicago Party” pizza from Chicago Pizza in Japan. Drizzled with a healthy portion of mayo, this pizza contains seafood, teriyaki chicken, and more.

Yakisoba on the other hand is Japanese fried noodles, based on the Chinese classic dish, chow mein. A very popular dish on its own, but also available in bread form as well.

A comfort food for many Japanese, the strong sauce flavor keeps you coming back.

Now what happens when you combine the two? This come 6/17 Japanese citizens will have the chance to find out for 170 yen (~$1.67) a pop. A culmination of efforts by a handful of countries, it seems like a reasonable price, doesn’t it?

"Include Mayo Beam Sauce!", whatever that is.
“Include Mayo Beam Sauce!” Whatever it is, it sounds amazing.
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  1. i would try that; i always love mixing food together. if it’s terrible, give it to the chickens (they will eat anything)


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