McDonald’s Japan introduces Mega Potato, the ultimate shortcut to obesity

Ever feel unsatisfied after eating a large order of McDonald’s fries, knowing you could have eaten a little more? Fret no more, as McDonald’s Japan is introducing Mega Potato, which is essentially two orders of large fries in one.

Mega Potato

McDonald’s Japan has been losing their market share year over year, and this doesn’t seem like the brilliant idea that will save it.

Intended to be shared (but not a requirement), this monstrosity will be available only in Japan for 490 yen (~$4.95) between 5/17 through 6/27, so book your flights accordingly.

Reactions my Japanese McFans:

“Large fries is 571 calories, so this is over 1100”

“Feels like they’ve finally lost their way”

“So expensive… I’d rather get a value meal”

“I wanna eat it now!”


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