McDonald’s Mega Potato crowned highest calorie menu item, fuels more potato parties

Mega Potato, Japan’s extra large portion of McDonald’s fries that is comparable to ordering two large orders, is now confirmed as the highest calorie food served at the fast food chain, beating out the United States.

Weighing in at 1142 calories, it beat out the previous champ, Big Breakfast with Hotcakes. A permanent menu item in America, this collection of American favorites weighs in at 1090 calories. The breakfast meal consists of three pancakes, a biscuit, scrambled eggs, sausage patty, hashbrowns, and enough butter and syrup to drown it all down. On the other hand, Mega Potato is just a lot of potato.

Previous champ, with only 1090 calories to its name, with an undeniable look of shame.

Exercised with caution, it’s a tasty snack to share with your buddies, but a brave few have been challenging themselves by ordering a bewildering amount of fries to see how many they can eat before they enter a coma. I’m lovin it’!

Only 60 orders, amateurs!
Getting there, but not quite…
Ah, here we go. 180 orders! MORE KETCHUP PLEASE!
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