Panasonic manager warned, “Lose weight in 3 months, or don’t bother coming back!”

On 5/15, an internal memo was sent to a manager working at Panasonic, the world-famous Japanese electronics giant.

The 45 year-old man, working for the company for the last 20 years, was hopeful for a promotion to become the department head. With a steady track record, it would be no surprise to get promoted any day now.

Instead, a rather unexpected directive arrived, with the following conditions:

You must lost weight within 3 months. If you fail to do so, your chances of a promotion will be severed. If you fail to reduce your weight to the average in 6 months, you will be asked to resign.

While at first depressed to read such a shocking order, he couldn’t blame the company. Being 178 cm (5’8″) tall and weighing 95 kg (209 lbs), he was indeed plump. His beer belly also measured 120 cm (47″). The company’s directive doesn’t break any laws either, so good luck to him!

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Is this true? Well, I guess it sounds pretty realistic

((((;゜Д゜))) tremble tremble

Seems like a good way to fire people

I find this hard to believe

This would be a lawsuit in America

I’m surprised they don’t do this for smokers

Maybe they needed an excuse to fire him


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