Parsley Twitter Revolution: “I’ll never leave parsley uneaten again!”

There are many things that we leave on our plates, and some of the most unpopular leftovers in Japan are shrimp tails and salmon skin. However, the undeniable winner is the parsley, and in the past few days many have promised to eat them from now on if it comes with their meals.

The cause of this revolution is that a Japanese user on Twitter tweeted on 5/25 that they saw a television program some time ago interviewing a parsley farmer, in which they let him know the shocking fact that around 90% are left uneaten on the plate and thrown away. The farmer sadly replied “is that so… I thought that the flavor came out very well…”, which struck a chord with the tweeter, and ever since has been eating parsley, and that they ate some on that day as well.

This was retweeted over 34,000 times, and Twitter users were inspired to do the same:

I’m going to start eating parsley from now on

I’ll definitely eat my parsley next time

Mr. Farmer, the parsley was delicious today, too… *tears*

And below, the reaction on 2channel:

Don’t forget to eat the dandelions

And don’t forget the plastic separators in the bento boxes

But I’ll keep leaving parsley on the plate anyway

Some restaurants reuse that stuff, it’ll be a nuisance to them if you eat it

This is stealth marketing my the parsley industry

It’s really nutritious, why wouldn’t you eat it?

It’s designed to be decoration. If they gave me a sizable portion like they do for sliced cabbage, I’d eat it!

It’s a good preventative measure for food poisoning, it’s good for you to eat it

Are they edible? They’re so shiny and perfect that they look like decoration

There’s a lot of vitamin C in it. I grow my own and eat tons of it

I love parsley, I can’t imagine why anyone would not eat it

Put some mayonnaise on it!

I like it as a part of a dish, but I don’t like it just sitting there on my plate to eat

I can’t eat them ever since I heard rumors that they reuse parsley at restaurants

That was food?

Now I know that it’s good for you, but why do I feel so much resistance to eating it?

What, you want me to eat dandelions and bamboo leaves too? They’re decoration, period

The cafe I used to work at reused them, can’t eat them ever since

Many restaurants will decide if a customer touched it, if not they” reuse it. If you want to eat parsley, buy it at the market

I grew up poor so I ate it, made me feel like I was wasting food if I didn’t w

If you want me to eat it, don’t put it in the corner

Parsley as a spice is great, I don’t like it whole

I saw on TV that it’s pretty good if you cook it

When did we start accepting this unpleasant thing as food?

I like it cooked, but they’re not trying too hard since they just throw it on a plate


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