Ramen Burger sandwiches crunchy noodles between buns: “They’ve gone mad!”

If you’ve ever felt conflicted between the choice of having a hamburger or a bowl of ramen, you can now have the best of both worlds with the Ramen Burger by Lotteria.

Sandwiching crunchy fried noodles between soft buns with char siu topping, it’s a new experience for most fast food goers. You can even get extra noodles for a 100 yen (~$1), recreating that authentic ramen restaurant experience.

Ramen Burger

The reactions online are already questioning the reasons for the product’s existence:

“Ramen… Burger?”
“What the hell, this is crazy”
“Flour, flour everywhere…”
“How are we supposed to eat this…?”
“Why did this happen? Is the ramen so good that this is still enjoyable?”
“It’s like having a side of carbs with your carbs…”
“Lotteria has lost it”
“…How did this happen, Lotteria”

While it comes with a cup of bonito stock soup and chopsticks, it’ll set you back 634 yen (~$6.40) — a relatively high price tag considering that it not technically even a burger, as it doesn’t contain much meat.

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