Teacher in her 40s dresses in a maid costume to cheer students on, school sues her for $16,000

A former instructor was taken to court by a school, allegedly disgracing it by standing at its entrance dressed in a maid costume.

The school was seeking approximately $16,000 in damages, but the court ruled that the act did not damage the school’s image, dismissing the case.

Reactions online were more critical:

“Who benefits from this?”
“The problem is that she’s in her forties. It’s practically pollution.”
“They would have petitioned for her return if she was in her twenties.”
“They should have ended it with a verbal warning. If this qualifies for a case, we’d be up to our necks with lawsuits.”
“Forties, huh. Guilty.”
“You all are so young. Forties is plenty hot!”
“Trying to get money for this? Ridiculous.”
“Can’t decide on a verdict without pictures!”
“Kinda sad that it’s a forty year-old teacher doing this, but the school disgusts me.”
“She just wanted an excuse to wear it, that’s all.”
“Depends on the length of the skirt. Mini skirt? Guilty!”
“She probably wanted to relieve some of the tension by the students. But compensation for damages? What an embarrassing school.”
“I love it when older women try hard to look young. Like those McDonald’s uniforms…”
“This would have been acceptable!”


“Real maids are older women, you know.”
“Lawsuit aside, I don’t get why she was a maid in the first place. Why not a cheer leader?”
“I don’t want to see it, but they went too far!”


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