Thief at convenience store “Give me all your money!” Cashier “Why?” → Flees without taking a thing

5/19 11:35 AM Obu City, Mito: The convenience store chain Coco!’s Mito Obu City location was paid a visit by a man carrying a box cutter, demanding the part-time cashier (36) to “hand over the money.”

The cashier replied “why,” and the perpetrator left the store without saying another word. The cashier and another customer were present, and no one was hurt. Ibaraki Prefecture Police Mito Station is investigating the case.

According to an official statement, the man was is likely to be in his 30s, height around 170 cm, had sunglasses and mask concealing his face, and wore a black hoodie.

Reactions online:

What the hell ww

Is this a skit? www

He couldn’t find a good reason w

What an honest guy www

Perp “I’ll let you go this time”

They didn’t need a hero!

“Why”… those are amazing words to come out of your mouth in that situation

36 and working part-time at a konbini (convenience store)…
He’s fearless and has nothing to lose

Please use the ATM over there

Me “I like you. Please go out with me.”
Her “Why?”
Thanks for reminding me…

Maybe he’ll be back once he comes up with an answer


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