This is what a 84″ 4K TV installed in a Japanese home looks like

Full HD, or 1080p televisions, are a thing of the past. With 4K TVs now rolling off the shelves, some families in Japan are already taking the leap, for a cool 1,680,000 yen (almost $17,000).

The rumors are true however, Japanese homes are small — in this case the room is 8 jyo, or about 3.64 m (12 ft) × 3.64 m.

The Japanese commented:

“Looks more normal than I thought”

“Good for a home theater”

“Why not a projector?”

“Do not want; even 40 inches is too big”

“This looks like a pain in the butt when moving”

“This doesn’t match Japan’s lifestyle at all”

“Use the money to get a bigger place”

“1,680,000 yen!? You can buy a car!”

“Hook up a game system, call over the kids in the neighborhood and charge them 50 yen per play”

“Honestly, I want to watch adult videos on this”

“We don’t even have 4K content yet, are they just going to bear with watching blocky HD channels? (´・ω・`)”

“Won’t this thing fall during an earthquake?”

“But seriously, what the hell are you going to watch on this thing?”

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