Underage smoking by Hokkaido students plummets from 49% to 3% in 17 years

A survey of senior students at a Hokkaido prefecture high school asked “have you smoked in the last month?”, and 2.9% of students admitted to doing so. There were a whopping 48.7% of underage smokers nearly 17 years ago, so a nationwide drop may be happening among the younger generation.

The survey consisted of 1248 middle school and 2471 high school students. The breakdown was 1.7% senior girls, 0.9% and 0.6% 7th grade boys and girls, respectively.

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These types of news make me happy.

It stinks, it costs money, bad for your body, there’s nothing good about it

They’re too expensive

It’s just that things were messed up until now. Are media going to praise that kids are shying away from tobacco now?

Wait, these statistics are for kids! Underage smoking is never permissible, ever.


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