Xbox 360 now accounts for 0% of Japan’s video game market share

While the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are competing neck to neck in most western countries, it has finally hit rock bottom in Japan. Below is a weekly report, this time during Golden Week:

Software sales totaled to 827,000 copies, or 92.58% of last week’s sales total. Last year’s Golden Week (4/30/2012 – 5/6/2012) totaled to 836,000 copies, or 98.96% of last week’s total (95.31% by revenue). Compared to last year, the console:handheld ratio has shifted from 47:53 to a staggering 27:73. Last year’s numbers were augmented by strong Wii contribution of 18.36%. This year the Wii and Wii U combined only amount to 26.72%, a weak number that demonstrates the lack of a smooth transition from the Wii to its successor. In software market share (PS:Nintendo:Xbox) it was 35:61:1 last year, and now 34:65:1 — a very minor change. The 3DS is the clear winner, with games like Tomodachi Collection and Luigi’s Mansion 2 selling more than 500,000 copies each, doubling last year’s metrics. Nintendo was able to achieve similar success this year by covering Wii’s losses with the 3DS’ strong performance.

Hardware sales totaled 140,000 united, or 128.24% of last week. Compared to the same period last year, the PSP and Wii’s drop in sales were covered by their successors Vita and Wii U. However, the dips by PS3 (74.14% of last year) and 3DS (LL/XL included, 83.23% of last year) could not be covered by the new consoles, resulting in a combined drop to 84.21% compared to last year (94.31% by revenue). Breakdown by hardware (PS:Nintendo:Xbox) shifted from 33:66:1 to 34:65:0, and console:handheld sales was mostly unchanged at 25:75 to 24:76.

For the sake of competition and innovation, I hope that the next iteration of the Xbox brand is better received.


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