1: Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:37:45.15 ID:x4HWMV5G0

McDonald’s Announces Summer-only Premium Burgers Highest prices ever in Japan

On 6/17, McDonald’s Japan announced two new menu items launching on 6/24, the “Quarter Pounder BLT” and “Quarter Pounder Habanero Tomato”burgers, limited for the summer season.

The “BLT” will cost 520~570 yen (inc. tax, price varies by region).

This is the highest priced menu item in McDonald’s Japan’s history.

Habanero Tomato” will cost 480~520 yen (same as above).

Both items are based on the popular “Quarter Pounder” that launched in autumn 2008.

The “BLT” uses classic sandwich ingredients BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato), and will be sold until the end of August.

“Habanero Tomato” uses spicy habanero sauce, and will be sold until the end of July.


Below, “Quarter Punder BLT” (right) and “Quarter Pounder Habanero Tomato” (left).

2:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:38:52.28 ID:yeAeelLG0

That photo, lol

5:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:39:52.90 ID:DaNitFzO0


You can bet your life that you’re not getting the same burgers in the photos

154:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 19:27:24.30 ID:tM0xUO2k0

Will the thing even close?

191:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 19:53:23.16 ID:l/X8xOgM0

There’s no way you can fit those burgers in there unless you squish it.

No way they would do that, so it’s obvious that these photos
are a lie

7:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:40:32.91 ID:KVVPQBOR0

I’d eat ’em if they came out this way every time

83:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 18:00:12.65 ID:SzTX8DCK0

Print out the photo and say “I want the same burger in the picture.”

If something else comes out, sue them for fraud.

But have some leniency if the girl is different, okay?

11:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:41:16.55 ID:32YBZYMp0

I don’t like tomatoes

141:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 19:08:42.33 ID:m0Va7Lx10

Are you Hamada?

14:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:42:25.28 ID:PqRYURlV0

Too expensive, and probably too high on calories ww

23:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:43:38.61 ID:iq4BtvWZ0

It’s unreasonably expensive
Throw in some avocado
Then I’ll eat it

31:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:46:00.14 ID:MFMLq1iI0

Actually Good Burgers:

MOS Burger
Burger King

182:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 19:47:58.44 ID:TX+DaXjD0

Check out KUA’AINA
Your life will never be the same
Besutiful girls will say ALOHA! when you walk in

35:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:47:38.70 ID:0/ZXrVuB0


190:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 19:53:06.60 ID:G7iChy1bP


38:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:48:23.46 ID:eB9JHVG8P

Thank the gods… Thank the gods…

50:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:50:50.51 ID:qo4O1wdx0

The girl is totally my type
But the burgers…

53:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:51:17.03 ID:YDs0ZmYE0

Burgers are good because they’re cheap
I always regret eating premium burgers

54:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:51:53.43 ID:NU9SCUCE0

Her skin is too shiny!

56:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:53:26.97 ID:YDs0ZmYE0

Customer “Miss, your top right!!”

59:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 17:54:49.86 ID:RriLkoWg0

It’s at least 5 times better looking than that Ramen Burger

139:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 19:05:37.28 ID:uIas/8Cf0!

Keisuke Honda is in the new commercials

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”W9Tfvrkim30″]
[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”7hRUeQOdvzA”]
[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”6F0Q9q8VGKY”]

143:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 19:12:37.01 ID:DkiezNvx0

I like the McDouble for 190 yenThis is all I eat nowadays



164:Anonymous: 2013/06/17 (Mon) 19:39:30.99 ID:lF/h7rF20

They’re beautiful burgers aren’t they? Too good to be true, right? But yeah, they still taste like McDonald’s