67% of Japanese men think they’re unattractive: “I’m anti-social” “Too pessimistic”

The eternal struggle of man:

That jerk isn’t even that good looking, but he has a super cute girlfriend. Why don’t I have a girlfriend, and what’s he got that I don’t?!

To find out why, 200 single Japanese men were asked if they find themselves attractive:

Q: Do you think that you are unpopular to women?

Yes 67%
No 33%

Q: If yes, why do you think you’re unpopular with women? What’s the difference between a popular and unpopular guy?

Conversation skills are a must!

  • “I’m anti-social and can’t communicate well” (38)
  • “I can’t approach girls” (28)
  • “I’m not a good talker, so I can’t keep a conversation going” (38)
  • “I’m selfish so I don’t think about the other person” (34)

Is it my personality!?

  • “I sell myself short” (28)
  • “I’m too pessimistic and introverted” (26)
  • “I’m selfish by nature, and don’t want to change myself to fit their needs” (41)

No willpower

  • “I don’t want to be popular” (25)
  • “It’s rare for me to ever like anyone, so I don’t take the effort to look good” (25)
  • “I have no interest” (47)

Face and body

  • “I’m neither handsome nor tall… I don’t leave the house much either, and I’m not a good talker” (29)
  • “My face… I look myself in the mirror and feel helpless” (34)
  • “I’m ugly” (30)
  • “I’m getting fat, which isn’t helping” (32)

Other reasons for being unpopular

  • “I’m stingy” (28)
  • “I don’t get serious when it comes to women, so I’m unpopular” (46)
  • “I’m very shy, and I don’t fall for people much” (27)

Q: If no, why do you think you’re popular with women? What’s the difference between a popular and unpopular guy?

How popular guys deal

  • “I take my time to choose the right people” (37)
  • “I surround myself with women” (29)
  • “I have experience being the popular one” (24)
  • “Women love to flirt with me” (54)
  • “I haven’t had a moment without a partner since I started working… I’m not sure if I’m popular or not with women in general” (41)

Popular guys work hard

  • “I put in a lot of effort to be popular. I’m conscious of what I wear, and watching my hygiene” (29)
  • “I’m diligent” (26)
  • “I like talking to women” (33)
  • “I believe it’s kindness and enthusiasm. I get asked questions a lot on directions, I think it’s because I look welcoming” (64)

Reactions on 2channel:

I don’t need to be popular with women, but just one woman!

There are 32% that are mistaken

I don’t want a girlfriend, 2D is enough (`・ω・´)

Because I’m ugly (zen)

I don’t like women to begin with. Being popular with them would be living hell. Just imagining having to be around them and live with them makes me want to puke

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