Japanese women say ideal height for a man is 176~178cm (5’8″), while the national average is…

Japanese women in their 20s have listed their ideal height for a man, which unfortunately is higher than the national average of 171.6cm (5’6″)

Nearly 20 years ago the “Three Highs” became well known: higher education, high salary, high stature. But with the passing of time, opinions can shift to meet the demands of society. Have women changed their tastes, or have they remained the same? This time the research focused on height:

Q. What is your ideal height?

  1. 161~163cm 25.7%
  2. 158~160cm 25.5%
  3. 164~166cm 19.8%
  4. 155~157cm 13.6%
  5. 167~169cm 7.3%

Q: What is your ideal height for a man?

  1. 176~178cm 27.8%
  2. 173~175cm 21.6%
  3. 179~181cm 15.7%
  4. 170~171cm 14.4%
  5. 182~184cm 8.9%

I want to be taller…

  • “I don’t like that i have to ask others to get things from a high shelf, I want to be 10cm taller” (23, 167~169cm)
  • “If I was a little taller, I could wear One Size Fits All clothing” (22, 164~166cm)
  • “I wish I could be a little taller than the national average” (22, 164~166cm)
  • “I would look sexier if I was taller” (22, 164~166cm)

I want to be average or shorter…

  • “I think smaller girls are more popular with men” (22, 155~157cm)
  • “I could avoid being taller than the guy” (23, 155~157cm)
  • “I could wear all kinds of clothes if I’m around the low 160s” (23, 161~163cm)
  • “Taller girls are unpopular with guys” (22, 161~163cm)

I want him to be tall…

  • “I want to be able to look up a little” (22, 176~178cm)
  • “I want my face to be against his chest when I hug him!” (23, 176~178cm)
  • “In my opinion, men that are 175cm and up just look better” (23, 170~172cm)

I want him to be average or shorter…

  • “It’s difficult to have a conversation when he’s much taller than me” (22, 167~169cm)
  • “I won’t ask for much as long as he’s taller than me” (22, 170~172cm)
  • “I’m pretty short, so I don’t like men to be too tall” (23, 170~172cm)


Seems that women both want themselves and their man to be taller than average. Especially when it comes to the man, over 90% wanted their man to be taller than average. Seems that some things will never change, but these are strictly ideals, and it wasn’t rare to hear women say that height wasn’t the ultimate deciding factor.

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25 thoughts on “Japanese women say ideal height for a man is 176~178cm (5’8″), while the national average is…”

    • hello. are you real japanese??
      cool…hmm…can you please help me??
      i am just 164 cm….is this average height of japanese male??

      • japanese guys are much shorter, swear! dont believe everything in the internet :”>>> they’re not 171cm ave… come on ive been there, they are shorter than viatnamese… i think they’re about 159 ave… if you go there youll find yourself a little taller than them… and whatever your height is, you look great! handsome 😉 dont ya worry… im american btw

      • Late reply!

        I’m half Japanese, and I’m only 165cm. We both fit into medium clothing at UNIQLO in Japan, so I say we’re average 😉 But… some women in Japan want 175cm+, but there are very short girls over there, so it’s not universal.

      • Hi. I’m half Japanese and I’ve been living in Japan for my whole life (I’m only 16 haha)
        It depends on which parts of Japan you’re talking about. I live in Kobe city which is about 1000km west from Tokyo. The men here are slightly taller than average with about 170cm (my current height, although I’m still growing)
        In other parts of Japan, the men are about 163 to 167 on average.
        From my perspective, your height isn’t at all short over here. I have a lot of friends who are about your height (and a lot of extremely tall ones O_O)
        By the way, Japanese girls like a lot of foreign men especially if they’re gentlemen or if they’re built up as a lot of Japanese guys look like skinny chickens haha

  1. Im iranian boy. Um177 cm and in iran im not tall iam normal iranian men are around 176 or 175 . I want to be 185. But i traveld ti jepan they were very short i think they were around 160 like this. And girls were around 153 i think. In my country girls are around 163


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