Men’s fashion accessories that women hate: “Wallet chains” “Piercing on one ear”

Women love to accessorize, but men are much more limited. Even with this limited selection, many are seen as gaudy or unattractive to women. Here are a few of the top offenders, according to Japanese women in their 20s and 30s:

Rings or necklaces with a skull design
“It’s like what a middle-school boy who just got into fashion would like, it’s lame” (28)

Cross necklace
“Seems narcissistic” (31)

Piercing on one ear
“I went to the hospital when I had a cold, and the young doctor had a huge diamond piercing on one ear. It was creepy” (29)

Gold chain necklace
“Baseball players wear these, but they look lame when regular men wear them” (26)

Wallet chains
“I hate how they make noise every step they make” (24)

So what exactly were popular, or at least acceptable?

As long as it’s not gold
“Gold just looks too gaudy, any other metal is fine” (26)

Wedding ring
“I don’t like men that have any accessories on, but wedding rings have a meaning to them, so I think they’re nice” (26)

Unfortunately for this man, he did everything wrong. But at least he’s got the money to back it up!


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