Man arrested for secretly photographing over 1000 women in 2 years, obsessively cataloged full-body shots and upskirts

A 47 year-old man in Asahikawa, Hokkaido has been arrested for taking lewd photos of women without consent, with the count totaling over 1000 in just two years.

To make the case even stranger, the man meticulously organized his collection by having a pair of photos for each of his victims: one that captured the a clothed full-body shot, accompanied by another inside their skirt.

Reactions online:

Over 1000 women in Asahikawa, maybe even my wife was… nah

If only he used this amount of energy to be productive (´・ω・`)

(-Д-\)=3 This is just too much

So we’ve found out that mall security is useless and that the perp was a hardcore hentai

Every one of us live with secrets

Men are prone to collect something

So much energy, is the power of  ero limitless? If only we could harness its power for electricity…

That’s more than one person a day…

I want to see that album!

He worked so hard, I’m impressed

He probably got excited from carrying out the act, not actually looking at the photos

It must have felt like collecting Pokemon to him

Looking at panties do nothing for me, I’m impressed by his imagination

Another god has left our realm…


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