Number of NEET at an all time high of 2.3%

A NEET or neet is a young person who is Not in Education, Employment, or Training. The acronym NEET was first used in the United Kingdom but its use has spread to other countries including Japan, China, and South Korea.

The government’s recent cabinet meeting has revealed that young people aged 15~34 who have no work record or are not in school rose 0.1 points since 2011, totaling 2.3%. This is the highest recorded since 1995, when they began recording these statistics. The government has noted that they must come up with a plan to maximize the potential for these youngsters so that they are beneficial to society.

While dropout rates for students have dropped, temporary workers are on the rise with 25~34 year-olds comprising 26.5% of part-timers, while 15~24 year-olds made up 31.2%.

Reactions on 2channel:

It’s hopeless

I’m 25, but I know about 10 old classmates that are NEETs

There are so many NEET around me that I wonder how their parents manage to have a home

I’m not even counted in the statistics anymore, I’m not a non-worker… (36, unemployed)

I’m too old now to even be a NEET…

When did they research this? They didn’t come by my house!

Amazing that they can keep being NEETs, they must have really dependable parents. I’m jealous

Oh, that’s all? *despair*

I thought there were more

High school graduates have given up on finding a job, even college grads have trouble landing a gig

There are a lot of NEET near where I live, so I don’t feel so alone. I can leave the house and not feel so bad

I wonder how many NEET are 35 and over

That seems like an accurate estimate, that’s how it was at my class reunion

There aren’t any good jobs. Whenever I look for jobs in magazines, I see ads for the hellish sweatshops that I used to work for… This world is crazy

No job, don’t go to school, yet stay home with your parents? It’s so inexcusable, I’m surprised they can live with themselves

Less than I thought, feels like around 10% being here on 2ch

Parents with NEET have to work forever, they can’t even go on a vacation. Those with NEET for children are the losers in society

I’m sorry I was born

I bet those who use the internet since they’re kids think that, hey being a NEET is okay! I feel bad for them

I can’t go a day without having a job, I’d go crazy if I was stuck inside all day without working

I want to get back into society soon, but I don’t know how to take my first steps

We have NEETs because they’re fed without working, but it’ll be a matter of time before they die off or start committing crimes

They need to prioritize new graduates and get rid of sweatshops, this country is too difficult to work for…


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