Top 10 items that make your room lame

Looking to make your room attractive and fashionable for guests? 310 Japanese women between the ages of 22 to 34 were asked what items they thought were lame, below are the top 10 offenders:

  1. Posters of idols 52.6%
  2. Figures 29.7%
  3. Stuffed animals from crane games 24.8%
  4. Character goods 19.7%
  5. Study desk 17.7%
  6. Dried flowers 10.3%
  7. Things from the dollar store 7.1%
  8. Photo frame 6.1%
  9. Zabuton (seat cushion) 4.2%
  10. Wire rack 3.5%

Japanese idols, to those unfamiliar, are young media personalities. Some of the most popular are AKB48, Shokotan, SMAP, and Arashi. Very much akin to having posters of One Direction or N’SYNC in your room, over half of respondents didn’t think that this was a classy choice.

Almost a third of voters chose figures, with emphasis probably on skimpy girl statues. Of course, even innocent action figures of anime and video game characters could be seen as too otaku for most.

About a quarter of women were against stuffed animals from crane machines, which is interesting since women found men proficient at the crane game as more attractive.

Character goods, like merchandise that’s adorned with illustrations (Mickey Mouse bag, Harry Potter mug, etc.) were not so popular probably due to their polarizing effect if the friend is not a fan of the work. Study desks were also not popular, as they definitely have an adolescent image.

Luckily oppai mousepads and dakimakura didn’t make the list, so keep on living that dream!


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    • yonasu Pretty weird, right? Maybe photo frames are too old-fashioned. Maybe dried flowers is too sentimental. Time to get a box to hide things, or hope that your friend is accepting 🙂


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