Top 20 manly skills that Japanese women find attractive

Some hobbies are skills are more useful than others, and some may even be attractive to the opposite sex. Here are the top 20 skills that Japanese women want men to master:

1. Tinkering with machines (1196 votes)
2. Speak English (1077 votes)
3. Can sing (678 votes)
4. Play the guitar (584 votes)
5. Play the piano (513 votes)
6. Can do backflips (489 votes)
7. Carpentry (372 votes)
8. One arm push-up (197 votes)
9. UFO catcher/claw crane game (188 votes)
10. Crack an egg with one hand (152 votes)
11. Billiards (147 votes)
12. Magic tricks (137 votes)
13. Skateboard (130 votes)
14. Bowling (85 votes)
15. Pen spinning (73 votes)
16. Open bottles with one hand (63 votes)
17. Calligraphy (49 votes)
18. Play music by ear (40 votes)
19. Can recite palindromes (13 votes)
19. Tune the radio (13 votes)

Skills useful for everyday life like tinkering with machines/electronics or carpentry were high on the list, which can be applied to technical jobs like engineering. An important thing to keep in mind if thinking beyond the first date, as skills like being good at the UFO catcher is shortsighted to say the least.

Speaking English was very close in second, since even though everyone studies the language since grade school, their proficiency is much to be desired.

If music is more your thing, women are especially impressed by good singing voices, guitar or piano players. It’s been demonstrated that women are more attracted to men who are simply carrying a guitar case. Imagine the unstoppable sexiness of a guitarist that can sing!

If all else fails, it seems that women are impressed by one-handed tricks, which most men should be proficient at.

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