Top gifts that Japanese dads want on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and it’s time to either get a gift card, scavenge leftovers at the store, or have them shipped overnight. Result of polling 1,101 dads, here are the top gifts that Japanese dads are looking forward to this weekend:

1. Necktie
2. Wallet
3. Wristwatch
4. Meal with the family at a restaurant
5. Home cooked meal
6. Bag
7. Belt
8. Handkerchief
9. Rare and/or interesting beer
9. Western sweets from a well-known shop

The top items are pretty typical for Japanese dads, reflecting a classically business-minded father that would like to have something to wear to remind him of his family at work. Some dads preferred to create memories with the family instead, with either a night out at a restaurant or a relaxing dinner at home.

Alcoholic drinks and related accessories were also popular, with more expensive presents like electronics and vacations lower on the list. Low-cost yet sentimental gifts like flowers and handwritten letters were also in the top 20. It also seems that dad wants to get back into shape with exercise-related items like athletic shoes, clothing and equipment as well.

11. PC or tablet
11. Japanese liquor (sake, shochu, or awamori)
11. Takes me on vacation
14. Clothes
15. Wine
16. Shoes
17. Hand-made sweets
18. Flowers
18. Travel voucher
20. A letter
21. Japanese sweets from a well-known shop
22. Case of favorite beer
22. Beer mug
24. Socks
25. Athletic shoes
26. Scarf
26. Coffee/tea set
28. Athletic (exercise) clothing
28. eBook Reader
30. Decorative plant
31. Digital camera
32. Smartphone
33. Shochu dispenser
34. Scalp care goods
35. Exercise equipment

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