Want to climb Mount Fuji? Bring your wallet, as it may soon cost 7,000 yen

With Mount Fuji soon becoming a World Heritage Site, it’s expected to welcome many more visitors in the near future. To maintain current levels of upkeep and overall experience, management at Mount Fuji has come up with a series of potential fees that they will charge climbers in effort to deter a sizable portion.

Internal research has shown that charging 500 yen (~$5) will deter 2% of potential visitors, 1,000 yen (~$10) steering away 5%, and 7,000 yen (~$70) to maintain similar totals from last year. Charging 10,000 yen (~$100) would bring the visitor count down to 90% of last year’s totals.

While the potential fees seem high, the cost of maintenance, environmental protection, and accident prevention will disproportionately rise with the sudden increase in visitors, so it may be a necessary evil in the coming months.

Reactions on 2channel:

You can charge more to climb, but it won’t mean a thing if climbers don’t respect morals or manners.

It’s a World Heritage site, seems strange to need to turn people away

Whoa, that’s expensive! I guess it’ll deter people like they’re planning, but… that’s too much!

I think it’s a fair price. There are too many people there already.

If you charge people 7,000 yen, you’re going to get some monsters saying things like “Seems stupid to have to carry your trash home~” or “I’m paying for the park cleaning costs!”


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