What Japanese women do at drinking parties that are total turnoffs: “Chugs drinks” “Brought containers to take food home”

Usually she’s so ladylike, but after a few drinks…

This time 200 single men were questioned if they have ever been turned off by women at drinking parties, and exactly what devastated them.

Q: Have you ever been completely put off by something a woman has said or done at a drinking party?

Yes 28.5%
No 71.5%

Q: (To those who answered Yes) What did they do? Why did you feel that way?

She doesn’t hide her heavy-drinking tendencies

  • “She kept ordering more and more drinks and I wondered when it would stop” (27)
  • “She drank too much and smelled like alcohol” (27)
  • “She drank straight from the bottle” (29)
  • “Chugged down an entire bottle of Reggae Punch (cocktail drink)” (35)

Simply Drunk

  • “She was dead drunk, and sat Indian style and drank like my old man” (41)
  • “She was really good looking, but every time we’d go out, she’d drink so much that her eyes couldn’t maintain focus” (29)
  • “Drank so much that she was dead drunk, I can’t stand people that lose themselves to alcohol” (33)
  • “Gets totally smashed” (26)

Dirty jokes and vulgarness

  • “A cute girl making dirty jokes immediately destroyed any impression I had of her” (29)
  • “Women that have hearty laughs after some drinks” (28)
  • “She started taking her clothes off, it was creepy” (28)
  • “She got drunk and farted” (47)

Dirty confessions

  • “She said that she has a friend with benefits at work” (30)
  • “She called herself a slut, but she has only been with about two people” (27)

Agony roundtable

  • “She’s a friend of mine, but she kept going on and on about her life situation” (29)
  • “We just met for the first time, and she was complaining about her boyfriend” (26)
  • “She talked about her ongoing relationship with her boyfriend that she’s cheating on” (26)

Money monster

  •  “She asked me how much I make and how much is in my savings. We just met that night” (35)
  • “She proclaimed that drinking parties should be paid for by men, and added that she didn’t bring her purse” (34)
  • “She said that men are supposed to pay for that kind of thing” (33)

Other shameless women

  • “She just kept eating and eating…” (25)
  • “She took out her food containers and started to pack all the leftovers. Thriftiness is a good thing, but she should try harder to not be so obvious” (28)
  • “She started smoking, and when she was out of smokes, she made the restaurant staff go buy more” (29)


It seems that women were just as bad as men when it came to heavy drinking, yelling for more drinks while drinking out of the bottle. In the end many ended up getting dead drunk, starting unnecessary trouble with their peers. Senior female members that scold younger colleagues were also looked down upon, leading to a bad image. Let’s be careful here.

Also, make sure you don’t say anything you’ll regret. The worst of the bunch were dirty jokes and actions. Starting topics that are too frank, stripping, laughing loud… these were found to be troublesome for men to react to. There was even an instance where she “farted” in front of him, which would lead to some embarrassing encounters later. Heavy topics about your personal life, especially if relationship problems, are just seen as nuisances for men. Save those topics for another female that you can trust!

There were also some rude women that impatiently asked for men’s salary or relationship status. Men also found it a huge turnoff for women to assume that drinking parties should be paid for by men. You can drink but don’t let it drink you, and always remember some manners are required even if it’s a casual gathering.

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