Which would you rather date? Attractive but Smelly vs. Unattractive but Fragrant

A poll in Japan consisting of 200 men and women between the ages of 10s~40s have shed more light on our sensitivity to smells, particularly our partner’s smell.

78% of women have thought that a male friend or acquaintance was smelly, with the mouth and armpit being the biggest culprits. Ever leave the house and remember later that you forgot to put on deodorant? That was the day.

69% of men and women have thought that they were smelly themselves at least once, with a third first noticing during puberty in their late teens.

Nearly 61% of men and women would rather be told about their body odor, with half saying that they want it straight and to the point. The rest preferred a more tactful approach, such as pointing out that they smell a bit sweaty to suggest that it’s a temporary problem.

And the main event: which would you rather date, an attractive yet smelly person or an unattractive but fragrant person? 62.5% of men answered “attractive and smelly” while 63% of women chose “unattractive but fragrant.” It seems that men are willing to look (smell?) past the foul odor in hopes of correcting the problem, while women would rather just close their eyes. So men, go get some cologne! And women, checkout the makeup videos on YouTube!


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