Woman delivers baby while using the toilet: “I had no idea I was even pregnant!”

On 6/27, Okayama Prefecture police received an emergency call that “a woman gave birth in a toilet, and the baby has fallen in!”

According to the Okayama City Fire Department, the mother is a 40 year-old owner of the house where the incident took place. The toilet was an old-fashioned squat toilet, and the baby fell 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) then hit its base. Fire fighters spent over one and a half hours breaking the floor to retrieve the baby, which thankfully was uninjured. The woman was rushed to the hospital for heavy bleeding during delivery, but has since recovered.

She was quoted saying “I felt something strange about my body. I didn’t think that I was pregnant.”

Reactions online:

That’s extremely lucky

We all hope for an easy delivery, but this…

My gosh, what’s going on in my prefecture…

Not sure what to make fun of first

I wonder if she’s going to keep this a secret from the child forever

I was wondering which country this was took place, but…

Wouldn’t the umbilical cord be like a bungee cord?

She must have been pretty big to begin with to not notice

What a crappy way to start your life


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