1 Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:15:51.67 ID:5CxG6/jq0
OK here goes

2 Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:17:18.13 ID:5CxG6/jq0

Move your mouse cursor to the bottom left of the screen and Right Click wwwwww

Windows icon stays glowing forever wwwwwwwwwww

3 Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:19:35.27 ID:5CxG6/jq0

Hey wwwwww

5Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:20:46.81 ID:t9DpAU1c0

I was like whooooa! and now feel stupid for being impressed

7 Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:23:37.42 ID:5CxG6/jq0

It’s kind of an amazing discovery wwwwwwwww

Try it out wwwwwwwww

8Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:23:49.09 ID:wTE3hNrS0

I can’t believe I got excited over this……

I’m so ashamed of myself…… *breathing hard*

10Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:25:03.06 ID:Jq318byX0

My OS is customized, not working

Upload a pic for me

12Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:27:08.13 ID:5CxG6/jq0


Waaaaaaaaaaaait a seeeeec

14Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:28:04.62 ID:alEPWX0c0

It glows if I just take the pointer to the bottom left

17Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:31:40.56 ID:nCZ2HrM10


Now Right Click and move the pointer away

21Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:33:54.31 ID:alEPWX0c0


Oh I get it now w

19Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:32:51.34 ID:5CxG6/jq0

Check it ooouuuuuut w


23Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:34:33.19 ID:0/FBmBoq0


(´・ω・`) okay

26Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:35:50.68 ID:Jq318byX0


So it stays glowing even when the mouse is moved

1 point

27Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:37:15.08 ID:5CxG6/jq0


It’s amazing isn’t it wwwwww

Was bored in my class in high school and discovered this wwwwwwwwww

22Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:34:02.02 ID:WFB3FBat0

Stop it

Makes me want to try it

25Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:35:35.74 ID:5CxG6/jq0

Gates would get pissed and punch me if he found out wwwwwwwwwwwww

29Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:38:58.81 ID:4rc/r3zP0

Tell me the merits of this trick

31Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:40:28.89 ID:5CxG6/jq0


You can view the beautiful Windows logo at all times

30Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:39:13.41 ID:iGgSkaa+0

It’s really a useless trick, but it worked

34Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:42:15.90 ID:DFY9kAfH0


37Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:43:27.60 ID:RtMTkljB0

I was thinking “what the hell is this guy saying” but it worked and I lol’d

39Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:45:04.92 ID:5CxG6/jq0



40Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:45:37.64 ID:hbWM7CEj0

It’s sort of great

43Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:48:32.56 ID:iP0mzATh0

It’s stupid but amazing. Impressed that you found this

63Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 19:03:15.53 ID:5CxG6/jq0


Thanks wwwww

I was so bored in class wwww

53Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:55:52.49 ID:AqklpF3b0


But whatever

55Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:58:06.09 ID:wR5e3cIi0

How is this useful at all?

68Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 19:08:27.13 ID:5CxG6/jq0


You learn something new every day (`・ω・´)

56Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 18:58:48.06 ID:p5vTI0l3i

Didn’t work

Properties and Explorer opened up instead


59Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 19:00:23.92 ID:7BjRv59X0


That’s not bottom left though

Don’t click the Windows logo

61Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 19:01:26.26 ID:5CxG6/jq0


Take it all the way until you can’t see your cursor anymore

66Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 19:04:43.01 ID:nXO32wQI0


Finally worked

The glow wouldn’t go away at first and I sort of panicked

85Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 19:35:32.76 ID:zIJIF6ShP

I’m using Windows Classic so I didn’t notice at first

80Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 19:23:30.66 ID:NCdXutv20

It was true

64 Anonymous: 2013/07/30(Tue) 19:03:17.91 ID:VWKmsGPT0

It’s kind of amazing